Amazing Adventures at Crate Escape

With the escape room craze sweeping the globe, Christchurch’s Crate Escape is right on the beat when it comes to the latest in group entertainment. You won’t find a better source than escape rooms for thought-provoking fun with your family or friends!

A true feat of post-quake ingenuity, Crate Escape was started in 2016 and is run by brothers John and Logan McMillan and friend Andrew Dean. It’s since emerged as Christchurch’s mind-bending activity of choice, scooping up dozens of rave reviews from both locals and international tourists alike over its two years of operation.

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The Lost Hut of Antarctica Escape Room – Image credit: Crate Escape Facebook Page

Crate Escape’s rooms require teamwork, quick thinking, and a whole lot of savvy – making them the perfect activity for team-building within families, work groups, and sports teams. Crate Escape’s rooms will have you discovering, deciphering, unlocking, and escaping puzzles like you never have before! If you don’t manage to escape the first time, book another round until you crack the code.

With Crate Escape located on Armagh Street in the Christchurch CBD, you’ll be able to walk on over from the Margaret Mahy Playground or New Regent Street Precinct to puzzle your way out from one of the escape rooms the Crate Escape team painstakingly devised. Once you’re inside, your first tricky decision will be which puzzle room to book first!

There are no less than three rooms open for the booking, all themed around a particular mystery. It’s like being in your very own adventure film, and after 1 hour, Crate Escape will make an escape room addict of you.

Crate Escape’s best-known room is The Lost Hut of Antarctica. We won’t give too much away – a puzzle’s a puzzle, after all – but with a major blizzard in force, the ‘government’ involved, and relics to uncover, there’ll be enough excitement and adrenaline flowing within this escape room’s walls to keep you up all night. If you’re keen for a real brain-tease, the The Misadventures of Max Magnus will prove your escape room of choice. Experience the lair of famous scientist Professor Max Magnus and see if you and your companions can solve the labyrinthine problem-set he’s put in place.

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Discovering, Deciphering, and Unlocking Their Way Out – Image credit: Crate Escape Website

And keep your eyes peeled for the opening of the Prison Escape room very soon this winter. Prison Escape is set to be Crate Escape’s toughest, most epic challenge yet, requiring that its “inmates” decipher their way out of execution in just 60 minutes.

Now for the technical reqs – two of Crate Escape’s rooms are restricted to ages 13+ (Lost Hut of Antarctica & Prison Escape) on account of the complexity of the puzzles, so if you have older teenagers or a night out with colleagues in mind, their escape rooms will suit you perfectly. The Misadventures of Max Magnus is open to all ages - just ensure there’s at least one person over 18 in each group, in accordance with Crate Escape’s requirements.

Crate Escape accepts groups of 2-6 people, with prices varying accordingly. For example, with a group of 5-6, you’re looking at just $20 per head. That’s a great deal for an hour of pure exhilaration! Since each room only holds up to 6 people, you might consider splitting larger friend or family groups down the middle and competing to see who escapes fastest.

Crate Escape is the perfect activity for adrenaline-seeking, problem-solving, fun-loving individuals out there – and you can even buy Crate Escape gift vouchers for your buddies! When you book a rental vehicle with the Christchurch branch of Omega Rental Cars, you’ll be just a five-minute drive away from Crate Escape and an hour’s scenic road trip away from other amazing Christchurch destinations such as Black Cat Cruises. So, what are you waiting for? Take up the Crate Escape challenge, and book online now.