Anatoki Salmon

A visit to the Anatoki Salmon farm is one of the most enjoyable, not to mention delicious, things to do in Nelson, New Zealand. Situated in Golden Bay, enjoy a spot of family friendly fishing, take in some of the region's world renowned scenery, and indulge in excellent food at this popular Nelson attraction.

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You can enjoy Salmon fishing in New Zealand every day, year round, (apart from Christmas day), at the Anatoki Salmon farm, and if you want to land a really big fish September and October is the best time to visit.  Even if you have never fished before, don't worry, the friendly staff will get you kitted out with all the gear you need and explain everything you need to know about catching Anatoki Chinook freshwater Salmon.

Just choose your spot along the banks of the peaceful Lake Anatoki, cast your line and wait a bit. Being next to the Kahurangi National Park, another Nelson tourist attraction worth visiting, means that the lake is fed by the pristine waters of the Anatoki River to provide the perfect environment for producing exceptionally high quality freshwater salmon.

 Young boy catching a salmon while dad scoops it in a net

Catching a fish at Anatoki Salmon is a great Nelson activity perfect for families (Photo credit: Anatoki Salmon)

Watching the salmon back-flipping and splashing about on the surface makes this one of the most fun Nelson activities to enjoy with the whole family. When you feel a nibble, just reel it in and take your catch to the café, where your fish will be carefully prepared to your preference by one of Anatoki Salmon’s skilled chefs.

Savour the natural flavours of your freshly caught Salmon, having it prepared as Sashimi. Enjoy your raw fish, thinly sliced and accompanied by wasabi and soy sauce, for a unique and exquisite Japanese style dining experience.

Or try your Salmon hot wood smoked, served with fries and salad. This process preserves the firm, flaky texture of the fish while retaining the moisture to create a culinary experience to be remembered. The fillets are first dry cured and then placed into the hot smoker where Beechwood shavings, or if you prefer a stronger taste Manuka shavings, are introduced, to produce this delicious plate.

Of course, you don't have to catch your own fish to enjoy the café. It offers a wide range of salmon plates including luxury grilled sandwiches, Salmon chowder and pizza, and other (non-Salmon) snacks. The cafe is fully licensed so you can accompany your catch with a superb local beer or wine.  The Golden Bay brewery, the Mussel Inn, offers some tasty brews, while the Staete Landt vineyard in Marlborough produces some exclusive premium wines, and the ones on offer are especially chosen to complement the Salmon dishes.

 smoked salmon Anatoki

Have your catch expertly prepared by one of Anatoki Salmon’s skilled chefs (Photo credit: Anatoki Salmon)

If you want to take some Salmon with you there are several packaging options. Your filleted raw fish can be packed in a plastic bag with ice, or in a chilly bin or bag. Or it can be vacuum packed which will keep it fresh in a fridge for 3 days, and is also perfect for freezing. You can also pick up vacuum packs of cold smoked salmon, smoked over 3 days to an Irish recipe which requires apple wood shavings and a final honey glaze to give a distinctive and truly delicious taste.

If you just can't finish your hot smoked salmon you can take it in a pizza box to enjoy later, or if you wait 45 minutes, until it is cool enough to vacuum pack, it too will be fine for up to 72 hours in the fridge.  When you come to the end of your catch, don't fret, Anatoki salmon can be sent by courier either fresh or smoked, to anywhere in New Zealand, so you can enjoy the taste of your Nelson fishing trip when you're back home again. 

For visitors wanting to make their way to Anatoki Salmon, hire a Nelson rental car from Omega and enjoy a scenic drive along State Highway 60. 


keys on Omega keytag sml

Keytag Bonus:

Receive a 10% discount on fishing per kg of catch upon presentation of your Omega keytag! (Note: Only valid for the fishing experience not for our cafe)