Fabulous Father's Day in Auckland City

Spring has most definitely sprung and the redeveloped Wynyard Quarter and Viaduct were fantastic places to hang out with dad and enjoy it.  Wandering around the boats for sale in the marina, and playing the 'which amazing superyacht are we going to buy today?' game, the happy sounds of kids playing in the Silo Park and wafting food smells from the great selection of cafes and restaurants.  Skaties zooming past while boats slip in and out, there's even a libary in a container.  As if on cue while we were there they raised the bridge to let the EmiratesTeam New Zealand boat come back in, seemingly on a tourist run.  

Great to see Aucklanders and visitors alike getting out and about enjoying this great waterfront area of Auckland, hope all the dad's enjoyed themselves! 

a container library in Auckland
Emirates Team NZ returns
enjoying Aucklands Wynyard Quarter
silos in Aucklands wynard quarter
Wynyard Quarter in AUckland