Historic Arrowtown

What a pretty place to drive to from Queenstown!  A former goldmining town, it is rich in history and atmosphere... We hadn't been there for about 20 years, so were delighted to discover that while it was a little busier than we remembered, it still had all of its charm and recent developments have only enhanced the town.  

IMG 5617

With the pretty mountains in the background, the mainstreet is the perfect place for a stroll and the many cafes and shops are definitely worth a visit. 

IMG 5622

The Lakes District Museum and Chinese Village are all worth a look while you are there, and will give you a greater appreciation of the town's gold mining heritage.  

Lakes District Museum

Founded in 1862, Arrowtown has an interesting story to tell and these two attractions help you get a feel for how things must have been during the heyday of the gold mining era.

IMG 5621

Original rustic buildings are beautifully presented, giving Arrowtown a very welcoming feel. And the drive from Queenstown (only about 20 mins) is easy and scenic.  Our rental car, a Subaru Forester SUV from Omega's Queenstown Airport depot, was very comfortable for the four of us and ensured we were well prepared had there been ice on the roads.  

IMG 5643

After a bite of lunch we were off to our next stop - the Highlands Motorsport Park in Cromwell, more on that soon!