Soaring with Queenstown Paraflights

If you want to experience one of the most exciting things to do in Queenstown New Zealand, be sure to check out Queenstown Paraflights for a really memorable adventure. They will take you on an unforgettable flight which offers a truly unique way to appreciate the outstanding natural beauty of the surrounding landscape. Take off and enjoy this exhilarating experience, which is one of the most popular Queenstown activities. 

The specially designed paraflight boat departs from the town's main pier every hour, and reservations are recommended as this is one of the most popular activities in Queenstown. Once on board, you will be kitted out with a life jacket and securely strapped into your harness. A brief talk by the experienced captain will explain what to expect and what to do during the trip. The boat slowly accelerates up to 25-km per hour, and once it reaches cruising speed you will be firmly attached to the chute while standing on the flight deck. As the chute gradually inflates above the vessel you will be gently lifted up off the deck and into the air and your Queenstown parasailing experience begins. 

 Queenstown Parasailing

Soar above Lake Wakatipu with Queenstown Paraflights (photo credit: Queenstown Paraflights)

During your flight, you remain attached to the boat by a carbon fibre tow line which can withstand up to 5000-kg and you will be gradually winched out to a flying height of 600-feet. The harnesses leave your hands free to point out landmarks or to act like a bird! As you fly through the air you will experience a wonderful sensation of liberation, freedom and awe. A full paraplegic body harness is available for people with some kind of physical disability so that they too can enjoy this unique experience in exactly the same way as an able-bodied person.

When the flight is over you will be gradually winched back down onto the deck for a soft and gentle landing. This kind of winch direct parasailing is the best way to enjoy parasailing in Queenstown as the hydraulic winch controls both take-off and landing for a very safe and secure flying experience.

 Queenstown Paraflights

Experience some of the best New Zealand parasailing and scenic views (photo credit: Queenstown Paraflights)

The boat can take up to 12 passengers so there is plenty of opportunity to relax and enjoy the scenic cruise around Lake Wakatipu both before and after your flight. The complete cruise lasts about one hour and each flight extends over an unforgettable 10-15-minutes.

Queenstown Paraflights offer three different way to fly. Solo flights are perfect for those who wish to enjoy an uninterrupted view, while the unique triple flight offers the opportunity for a family to enjoy this thrilling experience together. The tandem flights, for two people, are one of the favorite Queenstown attractions and marriage proposals have even taken place high in the air.

This is New Zealand parasailing at its best, with stupendous views and an experienced and friendly crew. No special clothing is required, just wear something comfortable. No experience is necessary, and you will not even get wet! Just follow the instructions, relax and enjoy a fantastic flying adventure. For travellers flying into Queenstown, the best way to experience everything this stunning region has to offer is with the freedom offered by a Queenstown rental car. Book yours from the Omega Rental Cars Queenstown Airport branch and set out on what’s sure to be an unforgettable adventure.